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Like clockwork, the predictions I made only 10 months ago about the future of our public lands have come to pass (the only thing I really missed was Palin instead of Zinke). But the call to action remains the same. Even beyond the immediate threats to Bears Ears and other NMs, the radical threat to precedent that Zinke's proposals represent could undermine public lands for generations.  #publiclands #bearsears #callyourrep #publiclandsinpublichands #publiclandsinpublicpaws @cosedivine waiting for sundown at the waterhole, 9/9/2017 #mokolodinaturereserve #waterhole #wildlife #botswana #mitsubishipajero #4x4 #overlanders One of the driving conventions in Botswana that is hard to get used to: 
Drivers will gladly putter along at 20 kmph under the posted speed limit on very deserted roads, carefully dodging every pothole... and then floor it to blast through a traffic light that's already been red for 5, 6, 7, ... 10 seconds. 😬It's mind boggling. #expatlife #botswana #gaborone #traffic #checkyoursix #deathwish #bepatient This cat? This cat has seen some s**t. He'll tell you about it if you go for dinner at the #bullandbush in #gaborone #botswana #expatlife #catsofinstagram #what? #dinner #cats #vangogh #begging @cosedivine

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It started innocently enough – the first time we traveled abroad on our own, we stepped off a red-eye into a sopping sponge of an Irish winter day, and plunged our rental car headlong into rush hour Dublin traffic. We cashed in my dad’s reward points at a Holiday Inn and wrote to our families before melting into jet lagged comas.

We wandered around the island counterclockwise for ten days, exploring narrow back paths, poking around ancient ruins, connecting with far-removed relations, hiking the soft and grassy hills. We both understood separately, yet simultaneously, that we were discovering not only the world, but ourselves.


Julie always says, “The world is amazing.”

We have been privileged to wake early with friends on a still morning in a vast Utah wilderness, to slurp noodles in a sweltering Singapore hawker center, to hear the rooting and grunting of hippos in the midnight Botswana bush, to encounter the Pantheon at dawn in the Roman summer, to warm our hearts at the hearths of our families in Massachusetts, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Colorado, to hear the burps of the earth in Yellowstone.

In short, the more we see of the world, the more we want to know the rest of it.

We’ve been taking pictures, writing stories, and planning new adventures – and that’s where MTdrift comes in.

Our goals are to see as much of the world as we possibly can, to share those experiences as well as we can, and to inspire your own adventures, whether they’re close to home or a world away.


No matter how far and wide we stray, we are always been drawn back in a long ellipse to the American West, to Montana. We may drift, but we’re not unmoored.



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