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Like clockwork, the predictions I made only 10 months ago about the future of our public lands have come to pass (the only thing I really missed was Palin instead of Zinke). But the call to action remains the same. Even beyond the immediate threats to Bears Ears and other NMs, the radical threat to precedent that Zinke's proposals represent could undermine public lands for generations.  #publiclands #bearsears #callyourrep #publiclandsinpublichands #publiclandsinpublicpaws @cosedivine waiting for sundown at the waterhole, 9/9/2017 #mokolodinaturereserve #waterhole #wildlife #botswana #mitsubishipajero #4x4 #overlanders One of the driving conventions in Botswana that is hard to get used to: 
Drivers will gladly putter along at 20 kmph under the posted speed limit on very deserted roads, carefully dodging every pothole... and then floor it to blast through a traffic light that's already been red for 5, 6, 7, ... 10 seconds. šŸ˜¬It's mind boggling. #expatlife #botswana #gaborone #traffic #checkyoursix #deathwish #bepatient This cat? This cat has seen some s**t. He'll tell you about it if you go for dinner at the #bullandbush in #gaborone #botswana #expatlife #catsofinstagram #what? #dinner #cats #vangogh #begging @cosedivine

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The Namib Desert – photo: Julie Edwards

Overland Expo is the most comprehensiveĀ gathering of overlanders and travelĀ enthusiasts of all stripes in the western hemisphere.

The semi-annual events – ExPo West and ExPo East – draw all kinds of vehicles and people from all over the world for a few days to exchange knowledge, travel stories, and general camaraderie.

We’re proud to say that both Julie and I will be presenting a class at ExPo East on how to plan your own overland adventure in southern Africa.

OvEx East is scheduled for October 7-9, 2016 at the Biltmore Estate near Asheville, NC. Built and gradually expanded by the Vanderbilt family and its scions over the years, the Estate should make an amazing setting forĀ this year’s event.

What are we going to be talking about?

Our class is titled ā€œSelf-Drive Southern Africa – Choose Your Own Adventureā€. Hereā€™s the description:

Does an adventure in Africa top your list of dream trips? Have you winced at the price of fully-catered safaris and decided that particular adventure was out of reach? A self-drive safari is the answer! Itā€™s easier, safer, and less expensive than you might think, and YOU can do it. This practical class covers all you need to know about planning your trip, living and driving in southern Africa for an extended period, and getting the most out of your journey. Additional topics include how to effectively plan your own game drives, camping ideas, shopping for supplies, navigating routes, and sample itineraries.

We will have plenty of awesome photos, and a lot of practical advice about how to show up on a continent youā€™ve never been to, drive a truck youā€™ve never seen on the ā€œotherā€ side of the road, and still get the most out of your trip.

In the meanwhile, if you were going to attend our session, what kinds of questions would you have for us?

Lead photo: Gemsboks, NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia. Julie Edwards

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